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Cheer takes place during the Fall football season. 

Lately we have not had enough interest in Cheer Buddies to form a squad. We do have a few girls that are cheering at the high schools that they attend, and we highly encourage and support this involvement. If you are still interested in Cheer Buddies, please contact Mike Crawford to discuss any possible options.


Cheer Buddies is for individuals with special needs ages 5 and older interested in cheerleading. Cheer Buddy participants should have the desire to participate in cheer activities and be able to stay focused. Participants need to be able stay together as a team and perform without being too distracted or off task. The Cheer Buddies will perform cheer routines as VIP guest at local sports events such as youth, middle, and high school football games. There is no cost to participate.


For more information

Coach Mag Holland


Phone : 228-861-0007

Mike Crawford


Phone: 228-860-9055   




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