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Ridin' with Buddies

We have finally been able to add horseback riding to our list of Buddy Sports opportunities. 

We have partnered with Robyn Ladner who owns Horse Ride For Fun to provide this opportunity. In addition, Greg Whitfield, the Harrison County Fairgrounds Director and the Harrison County Board of Supervisors is allowing us to use the arena to provide a safe and controlled environment for this activity.

Horseback riding takes place at the Harrison County Fairground Arena located on County Farm Road. This is the large area across the road and a little north of the soccer fields....just south of Highway 53 on County Farm Road.

We set up specific nights during the spring and fall to ride horses from 6:00pm-8:00pm at the large, covered arena in the back. This allows us to ride on scheduled nights even if it rains.


Each rider will have either a parent or volunteer on each side of the horse and a person familiar with handling the horse leading the horse around the arena at a slow pace. All participants will take turns riding the horses. We have steps to assist with getting on and off the horse. Wheelchair users are welcome if we are able to pick them up and get them on the horse. We can put a helper on the horse with a rider if we need to help them stay balanced and on the horse. No experience is necessary. There is no cost to participate. Riders must be an individual with special needs.

Release forms provided by the horse owner will have to be completed before riding the horses. 

We have many families involved in our programs and only a specific number of slots for this activity. We ask that participant riders only register for one night and one slot. If we have slots that go unfilled, we will send out a request to let you sign up for a second opportunity. Please give as many families as possible the chance to participate. 

We also use Volunteers to help with this activity. Please do a Volunteer form on this page to register with the Buddy Sports organization. We have a link to that we use to register Volunteers for specific event dates.

You may go to using this link to register for Ridin with Buddies.

Click the link.

Choose the date you want to participate.

Click Signup for that date.

Complete the information.

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